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What can I do if my neighbours are smoking Cannabis?

What about if my neighbours are renting? Should I tell my neighbour's landlord?

If, either you or the property that you have concerns of anti -social behaviour or nuisance about are tenants of Great Yarmouth Borough Council please contact the tenancy services team on 01493 846825.

If your neighbour is privately renting you may still wish to make the landlord aware of the situation. Some private landlords will choose to intervene to prevent their tenants from smoking cannabis in the property, but they are not obliged to do so.

If you don't know who owns the property you can often find out by asking other neighbours or by ordering a copy of the "Title Deeds" or a "Title View" of the Title Deeds from Land Registry.  This will normally provide the name of the owner and their address at the time that the property was registered with Land Registry. It is cheaper to order a Title View rather than a copy of the Title Deeds.  

Unlike the police, if you report cannabis use to your neighbour's landlord there is no guarantee they won't give away your identity.

Last modified on 29 June 2023

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