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Rubbish and recycling

What can I put in each bin?

Green bin

This is for your recycling items:

  • paper and card
  • plastic bottles
  • steel and aluminium food and drink cans
  • aerosols
  • glass bottles and jars including lids
  • plastic pots, tubs and trays (including yogurt pots, margarine tubs, plastic meat and vegetable trays)
  • Tetra PakĀ® containers (like the ones containing juices and soups)
  • envelopes (including window envelopes)
  • kitchen foil and foil trays (like the ones containing takeaways and ready meals)

You should make sure that items are clean and loose - you cannot recycle black sacks or carrier bags.

We collect your green bin once a fortnight - please make sure it is outside for collection by 6.30am on your collection day.

You can put out extra recycling beside your green bin on collection day, but the items must be in a recyclable bag or box, and not in a black sack. Please make sure that all glass bottles and jars are placed within your bin to comply with health and safety.

Check the 'Reduce My Rubbish' page on Norfolk Recycles (opens new window) guide to see how you can recycle other items.

Black bin

This is for general waste. Please do not put garden waste, recyclables or DIY waste in your black bin - it will not be collected.

Please do not put extra black sacks or other items beside your black bin as these will not be collected and may be considered fly tipping.

If your bin is too heavy to be safely loaded onto the collection truck it will not be emptied.

Brown bin

This is for your loose garden waste - see our garden waste page for details.

Trade waste must not go in any domestic bin. Contact us on 01493 846478 for more information.

Last modified on 03 April 2024

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