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Complaint handling

Annual self-assessment of complaint handling

The Council is required to complete and publish an annual self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman Service: Complaint Handling Code (opens new window) to ensure our process remains in line with the requirements of this code.

This code is split into nine sections:

  1. definition of a complaint
  2. exclusions
  3. how accessible it is to make a complaint and how residents are aware (accessibility and awareness)
  4. who handles complaints (complaint handling staff)
  5. how complaints are handled (the complaint handling process)
  6. the complaint stages
  7. putting things right
  8. self-assessment and compliance
  9. continuous learning and improvement (scrutiny and oversight)

The self-assessment references our Corporate complaints and compliments policy that was reviewed and updated to reflect the changes to the code on the 4 March 2024. 

Please see our Complaint handling code self-assessment information for full details of how we meet each section of the code.

Last modified on 27 June 2024

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