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Safeguarding policy

17. Monitoring and review

  1. 17. Monitoring and review

    1. ​​​​​​​17.1.This Policy and its reporting procedures will be reviewed every three years and signed off by the Cabinet. If any changes are needed in the interim e.g., resulting from changes to the law, national or local guidance, then the Policy and/or its procedures will be amended by the Designated Safeguarding Lead, and agreed by Executive Leadership Team in association with with relevant portfolio holder. The Policy will then be signed off by the Chief Executive, with the decision recorded and published via a Decision Notice. 
    2. 17.2. All staff, councillors, volunteers, key contractors or consultants will be notified of any changes.
Details about the status of this policy
Date of policyNovember 2023
Owner of policyGreat Yarmough Borough Council Safeguarding Officers Group
Ratified byCabinet, 4 December 2023
Review dateDecember 2026 (or as legislation requires)


Last modified on 15 December 2023

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