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Safeguarding policy

14. Responding to allegations and/or abuse and neglect by employees

  1. 14. Responding to allegations and/or abuse and neglect by employees

    1. 14.1. If abuse or neglect is alleged or found to be carried out by an employee, Great Yarmouth Borough Council will always act. 
    2. 14.2. The Designated Safeguarding Lead will notify and seek advice from the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) if children are involved and will alert and work with other agencies to ensure that the complainant is protected and their wellbeing supported. 
    3. 14.3. The Designated Safeguarding Lead will notify the Chief Executive and, in the case of a councillor, the Council Leader, and will contact the Police and any other agency as appropriate. An allegation about the Designated Safeguarding Lead must be reported to the Chief Executive.
    4. 14.4. The Council's Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policies are clear that the Council will always act quickly, if necessary, moving the person to other appropriate duties or suspending them to enable a thorough investigation. The employee will be made aware of their rights under employment legislation and Council policy and any potential internal disciplinary procedures, and also provided with appropriate support internally and externally. A disciplinary investigation, and potentially a hearing, may follow and may result in informal or formal measures which may include dismissal and possibly referral to the Disclosure and Barring Service.
    5. 14.5. The Council will investigate unless there is compelling reason why this is not appropriate e.g., there is a serious conflict of interest, or concerns have been raised about ineffective past enquiries, or there are serious, multiple concerns, or a matter requires investigation by the Police. In such cases, the Council will seek an external person or agency to investigate (in line with NSAB guidelines, provided that they have had appropriate training).
    6. 14.6. If an employee is dismissed or redeployed to a non-regulated activity following a safeguarding incident, or a person leaves their role (resignation, retirement) to avoid a disciplinary hearing when it is likely they would have been dismissed, the Council will always refer the case to the Disclosure and Barring Service.
Last modified on 14 December 2023

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