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Complaint handling code self-assessment

Complaint handling staff

Compliance status and additional notes for Section 4 criteria of the Housing Ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code
Code sectionCode requirementComply (Yes/No)Evidence, commentary and any explanations

Landlords must have a person or team assigned to take responsibility for complaint handling, including liaison with the Ombudsman and ensuring complaints are reported to the governing body (or equivalent). This Code will refer to that person or team as the 'complaints officer'. This role may be in addition to other duties.


The Corporate Services Team log all complaints and act as the main liaison with the Housing Ombudsman Service.

There is no dedicated complaints team or complaints officer within the Housing Assets Service. However, there are a number of staff within the Housing Assets Service and GYN who are responsible for complaint handling.

The Head of Housing Assets is responsible for reporting complaints to the Council's Cabinet.


The complaints officer must have access to staff at all levels to facilitate the prompt resolution of complaints. They must also have the authority and autonomy to act to resolve disputes promptly and fairly.

YesComplaint Investigating Officers have the authority and autonomy to resolve disputes.  Compensation requests are approved by the Council's Section 151 Officer.

Landlords are expected to prioritise complaint handling and a culture of learning from complaints. All relevant staff must be suitably trained in the importance of complaint handling. It is important that complaints are seen as a core service and must be resourced to handle complaints effectively.

YesComplaint training is held for all staff undertaking complaint investigation.
Last modified on 26 June 2024

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