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Complaint handling code self-assessment

Self-assessment and compliance

Compliance status and additional notes for Section 8 criteria of the Housing Ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code
Code sectionCode requirementComply (Yes/No)Evidence, commentary and any explanations

Landlords must produce an annual complaints performance and service improvement report for scrutiny and challenge, which must include: 

  • the annual self-assessment against this Code to ensure their complaint handling policy remains in line with its requirements. 
  • a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the landlord's complaint handling performance. This must also include a summary of the types of complaints the landlord has refused to accept; 
  • any findings of non-compliance with this Code by the Ombudsman; 
  • the service improvements made as a result of the learning from complaints; 
  • any annual report about the landlord's performance from the Ombudsman; and 
  • any other relevant reports or publications produced by the Ombudsman in relation to the work of the landlord. 

See page 12 of the complaints policy: section on 'Implementation and Compliance'.

The Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report has been produced. This Self Assessment is a separate document. A link to the Self-Assessment is provided in the report.

The report meets the requirements of 8.1.

8.2The annual complaints performance and service improvement report must be reported to the landlord's governing body (or equivalent) and published on the section of its website relating to complaints. The governing body's response to the report must be published alongside this.Yes

The Annual Complaints Performance and Service Improvement Report and this Self-Assessment have been completed and shared with the Council's Member Responsible for Complaints (MRC).   The report will be considered by the Council's next available Cabinet meeting on 17 July 2024.

Following this meeting, the Cabinet's response will be published alongside the report.


Landlords must also carry out a self-assessment following a significant restructure, merger and/or change in procedures.

YesRequirement is noted.
8.4Landlords may be asked to review and update the self-assessment following an Ombudsman investigation.YesThe Council will review the policy upon any investigation outcome.
8.5If a landlord is unable to comply with the Code due to exceptional circumstances, such as a cyber incident, they must inform the Ombudsman, provide information to residents who may be affected, and publish this on their website Landlords must provide a timescale for returning to compliance with the Code.YesThe Council will inform the Ombudsman should this issue arise.
Last modified on 26 June 2024

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