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Complaint handling code self-assessment

Putting things right

Compliance status and additional notes for Section 7 criteria of the Housing Ombudsman's Complaint Handling Code
Code sectionCode requirementComply (Yes/No)Evidence, commentary and any explanations

Where something has gone wrong a landlord must acknowledge this and set out the actions it has already taken, or intends to take, to put things right. These can include: 

  • apologising; 
  • acknowledging where things have gone wrong; 
  • providing an explanation, assistance or reasons; 
  • taking action if there has been delay; 
  • reconsidering or changing a decision; 
  • amending a record or adding a correction or addendum; 
  • providing a financial remedy; 
  • changing policies, procedures or practices.

Details of appropriate remedies are included within the complaint handling training.


Any remedy offered must reflect the impact on the resident as a result of any fault identified.


Included within complaint handling training.

All remedies offered are based on each individual case and the impact of any resolution is considered from a wider perspective and included within any learning from complaints.

7.3The remedy offer must clearly set out what will happen and by when, in agreement with the resident where appropriate. Any remedy proposed must be followed through to completion.YesIncluded within complaint handling training.

Landlords must take account of the guidance issued by the Ombudsman when deciding on appropriate remedies.

YesIncluded within complaint handling training.
Last modified on 03 April 2024

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