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Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Do I need to inform anyone else about my application?

Yes, you should complete and send a copy of your completed application form to each of the following:

  • Any mortgagee
  • Any owner of the property to which the application is related (if that is not you), ie the freeholder and any head lessors who are known to you
  • Any other person who is a tenant or long leaseholder of the property or any part of it (including a flat) who is known to you, other than a statutory tenant or other tenant whose lease or tenancy is for less than three years (including a periodic tenancy)
  • The proposed licence holder (if that is not you)
  • The proposed managing agent (if that is not you)
  • Any person who has agreed that he/she will be bound by any conditions in a licence if it is granted
Last modified on 22 September 2023

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