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Domestic Abuse policy - Staff and Members

Support for Individuals

The Council recognises that developing a life free from abuse is a process not an event and the Council will provide ongoing support for employees who disclose abuse. 

The Council and Union/Professional organisation representatives will work together cooperatively to help staff experiencing domestic abuse. 

The Council will respond sympathetically, confidentially and effectively to any member of staff who discloses that they are experiencing domestic abuse. 

Where domestic abuse has been reported line managers will treat unplanned absences and temporary poor timekeeping sympathetically. 

Line managers may offer employees experiencing domestic abuse a broad range of support.  This may include, but is not limited to: 

  • special paid leave for relevant appointments, including with support agencies, solicitors, to rearrange housing or childcare, and for court appointments
  • temporary or permanent changes to working times and patterns
  • changes to specific duties, for example to avoid potential contact with an abuser in a customer facing role
  • redeployment or relocation
  • measures to ensure a safe working environment, for example changing a telephone number to avoid harassing phone calls
  • using other existing policies, including flexible working
  • access to counselling/support services in paid time
  • access to courses developed to support female survivors of domestic abuse, for example The Freedom Programme or assertiveness training

Line managers will respect the right of staff to make their own decision on the course of action at every stage.

Other existing provisions (including occupational health, independent counselling service, others) will also be signposted to staff as a means of support 

Last modified on 14 December 2023

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