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Market Licence policy

About this policy

Any trader who commences trading in the Market at Great Yarmouth with permission from the Borough Council agrees to abide by this Policy as part of and incorporated into all Licence agreements.

This Market Policy governs the use of stalls in the Market by traders. Any trader who contravenes the terms of their licence, which in turn requires compliance with this policy, may have their stall licence terminated by the Borough Council or otherwise be refused permission to use a stall in the market. If they have a Lease they will be treated as in breach of their lease agreement.

Unless otherwise stated this policy relates to the whole market, and applies to two day market traders; six day market traders and casual traders. As defined in Section 2.1 of this document.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council may change this policy at any time upon giving four weeks written notice to traders. Prior to changing this policy the Borough Council will consult with traders and consider any representations made.

Policy details
Status2nd revision
DateJanuary 2023
OwnerProperty and Asset Management
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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