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Market Licence policy

24. Food stalls

  1. 24. Food stalls

    1. 24.1. All traders operating food stalls shall comply with any legislation in force relating to their business including (but not limited to) the provisions of the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013. 
    2. 24.2. All traders operating food stalls must be registered with the appropriate local authority and be able to provide evidence of this on request.
    3. 24.3. It is expected that all food stalls are in receipt of a food hygiene award scoring three or above. If not the trader may find themselves open to action under Section 28 of this policy
    4. 24.4. It is a legal requirement that all food business operators are in possession of a food safety management system and that all staff are trained to appropriate levels in food hygiene.
    5. 24.5. Fat disposal: fat should not be flushed down the drain system and fat traps must be used and maintained on a regular basis.  Each unit must have a fat trap which will be checked on an adhoc basis by the market officers Any trader that has either not got a fat trap where one is required or is not managing the fat trap appropriately by cleaning on a regular basis to ensure normal operation will be recharged the cost of clearing the drain system.
    6. 24.6. Tenants are encouraged to consider the waste products associated with their businesses. All disposals must be undertaken in an appropriate manner e.g. allowing liquid fats to solidify or using licensed waste carriers as appropriate. This should be extended to customers, where any instances of littering  should be addressed.


Last modified on 19 January 2024

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