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Market Licence policy

17. Stall set up and de rig

  1. 17. Stall set up and de rig

    1. 17.1. Two day and casual traders must supply, erect and dismantle their own stalls. All stalls must be fit for purpose, kept in good and clean condition and be safe for use and be attractive.
    2. 17.2. Six day traders must keep their stall and any frontages in good condition as per their lease agreement.  Any modifications must be approved by the council and any costs covered by the trader.   If the council has to carry out any works due to the actions of the trader, the full costs along will officer time will be charged to the trader. 
    3. 17.3. Two day market stalls must be safely secured in poor weather conditions when the Market remains open. If the Market remains open but the trader has to close due to stall safety and the inability to safely secure the stall no refunds will be given to the trader.
    4. 17.4. All 2 day and casual stalls must have minimum headroom of two meters.
    5. 17.5. Any new or refurbished six day stalls must have their design approved by the Borough Council before any works take place. Notification in writing to the Borough Council must be made at least six weeks in advance of any such changes.
    6. 17.6. The use of amplified sound equipment is prohibited unless agreed by the Borough Council.
    7. 17.7. The use of A boards is discouraged on the Market and under no circumstances can these cause an obstruction or create a hazard. Any use of A boards must be agreed with the Market Management Team in advance.
    8. 17.8. The Borough Council will oversee where stalls are set up on the two day Market, working to ensure appropriate layout including walkways depending on the number of traders trading on that day.
    9. 17.9. While every effort is made to maintain existing layouts for traders it is not guaranteed and the Council reserves the right to move pitches accordingly.
    10. 17.10. Casual traders must give market officers 24 hour notice of attending a market as market officers will need to advise the trader on location of stall.  As a casual trader no guarantee of pitch allocation can be made.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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