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Market Licence policy

6. Applications for stalls and license/lease

  1. 6. Applications for stalls and license/lease

    1. 6.1. All applications for new 2 day or casual stalls, including those from existing stall holders who want an extension to their pitch size, product changes or an alternative stall, must be made in writing to the Borough Council.
    2. 6.2. The Borough Council will consider extensions, product changes and alternative stall requests from existing traders considering section 9 of this policy. Product changes will be subject to a three month trial period during which other traders are able to comment, prior to any final decisions being made.
    3. 6.3. Applications for vacant stalls and or new stalls will be evaluated under section 9 of this policy. All traders will be required to provide evidence of public liability insurance prior to trading.
    4. 6.4. Any such applications will not be considered if the applicant is in breach of this policy, including being in arrears with payment of the fee.
    5. 6.5. No successful applications will become effective until either a new or amended licence/lease has been signed and returned to the Borough Council. Licences/leases not signed within seven days of issue will be withdrawn and a new application will then be required.
    6. 6.6. Any Trader may hold multiple licenses.


Last modified on 19 January 2024

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