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Market Licence policy

21. Water

  1. 21. Water

    1. 21.1. Water is supplied on the market by the Council however it is essential that traders do not waste water, for example it is not acceptable to leave taps running. For six day traders they will be recharged for water used as per lease agreement as per sub meter readings.   
    2. 21.2. Enforcement action may be taken for continued misuse of water.
    3. 21.3. Waste water should be disposed of within the tenants unit on the six day market.  Two day and casual traders will need to confirm the method of dealing with any waste water prior to market days. 
    4. 21.4. Each six day market trader must comply with legionella legislation and ensure that any required testing is undertaken and/or daily running of the water for the amount of time set out in the legislation.  The council reserves the right inspect the water supply on each unit without prior notice if required and the supply should be accessible at all times. 


Last modified on 19 January 2024

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