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Market Licence policy

22. Litter and trade waste

  1. 22. Litter and trade waste

    1. 22.1. It is the sole responsibility of traders to ensure the safe management of waste in and around their stall.
    2. 22.2. The Borough Council will carry out the regular cleaning of the market area, and the drains, guttering around the canopy and gullies on the Market as necessary to maintain their effective operation.
    3. 22.3. Traders must ensure that their stall and any adjoining passages, whether used by them alone or in conjunction with other traders, are properly swept from time to time and shall ensure that litter is not allowed to accumulate.
    4. 22.4. Throughout the day traders must ensure the area surrounding their stall is cleaned and clear of all refuse and to ensure that all stalls and immediate areas are cleared of all refuse generated by their business at the close of business each day.
    5. 22.5. Traders must remove all trade waste from their stall and for six day traders must place their trade waste in the service yards and move at the end of the day to the market refuse and recycling warehouse.
    6. 22.6. Traders who produce food waste must dispose of it at the end of the day at the market refuse and recycling warehouse.
    7. 22.7. Traders must not put their trade waste in public litter bins.
    8. 22.8. Traders must comply with any new initiatives introduced to improve the re-cycling of trade waste on the markets as advised in writing by the Borough Council from time to time.
    9. 22.9. Traders must only use the market refuse and recycling warehouse for disposal of waste produced whilst attending the market and not for the disposal of any other waste.
    10. 22.10. If a trader does not dispose of and/or remove trade waste in accordance with this policy the Borough Council may remove the waste the trader hereby agrees to reimburse the Borough Council the reasonable cost of such removal and disposal.
    11. 22.11. Traders must ensure that any liquid waste is disposed of in the correct manner and that no spillage takes place when transporting from the unit to the disposal bins. 
    12. 22.12. Traders are encouraged to reuse and recycle materials wherever possible, either through normal business activities or through appropriate refuse bins.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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