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Market Licence policy

20. Electricity

  1. 20. Electricity

    1. 20.1. A 240v electricity supply is currently available on the Market.
    2. 20.2. Traders may only use electrical equipment that it is in good condition, weatherproof and suitable for outside use. All electrical equipment must have a valid up to date PAT test certificate which must be available for Borough Council to view upon request and or take copies.
    3. 20.3. Connections to the electricity supply must be made by a suitably competent person (using robust, moisture and tamper proof connections which are suitable for outside use). Suitable and sufficient earth-leakage protection must be installed and maintained as part of the fixed wiring installation.
    4. 20.4. Traders must ensure that trailing cables do not present trip hazards or any other hazard and are suitably protected and at a safe height.
    5. 20.5. Traders must not make any alterations to the market electrical system provided by the Borough Council. Traders must not block or obstruct electric supply boxes at any time. 
    6. 20.6. Traders are only permitted to use the electricity supply for appropriate lighting, scales and tills and for other uses which are, in the reasonable opinion of the Borough Council, essential for the operation of their business as specified on the Trader's Licence Agreement.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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