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Market Licence policy

30. Complaints

  1. 30. Complaints

    1. 30.1. If you have a problem or complaint with regard to management of the market you should first contact the Borough Council and or the Head of Property and Asset Management. The internal complaints procedure must be followed first.
    2. 30.2. The complaints process has three prescribed stages. The process begins with an Informal (stage 1) complaint, if the issues raised are not satisfactorily resolved at this stage the complainant can escalate their complaint to a formal (stage 2) complaint. If the complainant remains unsatisfied with the response they receive at stage 2, they are able to escalate their complaint onto the final stage (stage 3) of the complaints process.
    3. 30.3. Informal (Stage 1) complaints are initial complaints that will be reviewed and answered at operational level by a Team Leader or Manager. The Team Leader or Manager will investigate the complaint and provide a full response to the Customer. It is envisaged that most complaints will be resolved at the stage.
    4. 30.4. Head of Service (Stage 2) complaints occur when a customer's initial complaint has not been resolved to their satisfaction at Stage 1 and the complaint therefore requires further investigation by a different person. These complaints will be considered at service level and answered by the Head of Service providing they have not been actively or directly involved in the initial complaint or response. Where this is the case the compliant will be passed to another Head of Service to answer. The Head of Service must review the response provided at stage 1 and conduct any further investigation required into the customer's case.
    5. 30.5. Director (Stage 3) complaints are for any complaints that could not be satisfactorily resolved at Stage 2 and warrant further investigation or review. These complaints will be considered by a Director of the Council who will conduct an independent review of the customer's complaint along with the previous replies provided to the customer and any other pertinent information. The Director will then undertake any supplementary investigations required to enable them to issue a final response and decide if any remedial action is required.
    6. 30.6. Complaints can be responded to in writing, via a telephone call or email. If a customer has indicated a preference for one of the above means of communication a reply should be made using this, unless considering the type of complaint it is deemed more effective to use a different method of communication. Responses to Stage 1 complaints will be issued within 10 working days of the complaint being received. Stage 2 & 3 complaints may require a more in depth investigation and therefore responses will be issued within 20 working days of the complaint being received. If for any reason a response is unable to be issued within 20 working days, the Customer will be informed of the delay as soon as possible and provided with an estimated timescale in which they can expect to receive a full reply, with further updates given as appropriate.
    7. 30.7. However if you are still not satisfied the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO), may be able to help. The LGO can be contacted:
      • by post to:
        Local Government Ombudsman
        The Oaks
        No 2 Westwood Way
        Westwood Business Park
        Park Coventry
        CV4 8JB
      • by phone on 024 7682 0000
      • via their website at
    8. 30.8. Whistleblowing is the raising of a significant concern. These concerns may cover issues of injustice, malpractice or serious wrongdoings within the Council. The Council's Whistleblowing policy is designed to ensure that people know how to raise a genuine concern and that they can do so in the knowledge that they will not face reprisal for their actions.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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