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Market Licence policy

23. Health and safety

  1. 23. Health and safety

    1. 23.1. Traders have a legal duty of care to maintain the health and safety of their employees, other traders and visitors to their stall and must comply with the Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and regulations made under the Act.
    2. 23.2. Traders must also comply with directions issued from time to time by the Borough Council with a view to maintaining or improving the health and safety environment on the Market.
    3. 23.3. All health and safety checks must be carried out in accordance with legislation and where documentation is required, provided to Great Yarmouth Borough Council accordingly. 
    4. 23.4. Great Yarmouth Borough Council can from time to time check that you have the correct and up to date records relating to Health and Safety.  Failure to produce these records may result in enforcement action being taken.
    5. 23.5. Where traders report to the Market Management Team a health and safety issue, this issue will be risk assessed and action taken in appropriate timescales depending on the level of risk.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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