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Market Licence policy

29. Appeals procedure

  1. 29. Appeals procedure

    1. 29.1. Any trader subject to enforcement action outlined in Section 28 may appeal in writing to the Director of the Borough Council (or such other officer as the Borough Council appoints) within seven working days from, but not including, the day the trader is notified of the decision against which they wish to appeal.
    2. 29.2. The decision of the Director or other appointed officer shall be final in all respects. An appeal hearing will then be scheduled within 28 days from the appeal being lodged. For such a hearing at least three working days' notice must be given to the trader.
    3. 29.3. In considering any appeal the Director or other appointed officer will have regard to any relevant documentation and may interview such persons, including the trader in question, as he/she considers appropriate.
    4. 29.4. The result of the appeal and the reasons for the decision reached will be conveyed in writing to the registered address of the trader.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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