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Market Licence policy

4. Payment of stall fees

  1. 4. Payment of stall fees

    1. 4.1. Stall fees for the 6 day traders are as stipulated in the lease agreement.
    2. 4.2. Stall fees and other charges for the 2 day and other casual market traders  are determined by the Borough Council with changes to the fees and charges notified to the traders in writing four weeks prior to the new fees/charges coming into effect.
    3. 4.2. The fees and charges schedule includes a set fee payable per foot for both two day and casual traders. All footage fees will be calculated after a depth amnesty of up to a maximum of 15 feet. 
    4. 4.3. The categories for the six day traders are defined in their lease agreement
    5. 4.4. The Borough Council will usually review all two day and casual stall fees and other charges annually but may also do so at different intervals. The Borough Council will notify traders of any review and will consider representations made by traders. The six day traders will have their rent reviewed as per their lease agreement.
    6. 4.5. Stall fees must be paid by the trader. All six day traders must pay monthly in advance by direct debit as per lease. This facility is also available to two day market traders, alongside other payment methods.
    7. 4.6. No cash or cheques will be taken for rent or licence fees or any other charges and no invoices will be provided. Payments will be taken on attendance by card only.
    8. 4.7. Any trader in arrears with their fee will be subject to the procedures detailed in Section 28 of this policy alongside those procedures detailed in the Council's Sundry Income and Debt Policy. For 6 day traders any arrears will be recovered in line with their lease agreement.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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