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Market Licence policy

25. Closure of Two Day Market

  1. 25. Closure of Two Day Market

    1. 25.1. The Borough Council shall have the right to close the two day Market at their absolute discretion if they consider this to be necessary on the grounds of public safety.
    2. 25.2. The Borough Council's policy regarding cancellation of the two day market due to weather conditions is as follows:
      • the Borough Council will monitor wind speed and direction each day prior to any Market in the Market Place using the UK National Weather Service provided by the Meteorological Office
      • in the event of winds exceeding 24 mph constant velocity (not gusting) for a period exceeding one hour the Market will be cancelled either prior to the Market day or prior to opening on the Market day or during the Market day as conditions dictate
      • however, there may be times when the predications sit just below or above this wind speed
        • in these cases the Borough Council may apply some discretion as to whether a Market is cancelled
        • in these instances close monitoring of the weather will take place both through forecasting information and onsite
        • if this monitoring subsequently identifies unsafe conditions, the Market will be cancelled
      • in the event of Snow, matters for consideration prior to cancellation will be Health and Safety of shoppers and traders, closure of public transport, closure of roads, distance of travel by traders amongst other considerations
        • these considerations will also apply to Icy conditions
      • in the event of Flooding both localised from heavy rain or by ingress of floodwaters into the Town centre and or warnings by Emergency Planning Officers at Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) and Norfolk County Council (NCC) the market may be cancelled
    3. 25.4. Where a Market has been cancelled prior to 12.00 noon on any Market day traders will be credited that days fees. This will be credited in the month following the cancellation.
    4. 25.5. Where it is clear that due to weather conditions the two day Market will not be able to open the day before the Borough Council will seek to notify traders of this decision by 5.00pm.
Last modified on 19 January 2024

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